Healthy Vegetarian Recipes:
Green Beans with Almonds

Green beans with almonds are one of the healthy vegetarian recipes that are more of a side dish than a main course, but since they are an excellent source of protein due to the almonds it contains, it could easily be eaten with rice or couscous as a light lunch or supper.

Green beans are among the most common vegetables grown in north America, but their abundance by no means distracts from the fact they are incredibly tasty and full of nutrients. They contain a large quantity of potassium, which is essential for the proper functioning of the pancreas and salivary glands, and a substantial amount of calcium too. As well as being eaten warm, cooked and cooled green beans make an excellent addition to mixed salads.

Almonds are one of the most distinctive-tasting edible nuts and one of the most widely grown and eaten. They have long been considered as having healing qualities, and are not as acidic as many nuts. They are high in fat, protein and carbohydrates, which makes them excellent for building up the body's strength, useful for those recovering from illness. The small quantities of amygdalin present in almonds is reputed to be an effective anti-cancer agent.

For some time, many people have eaten margarine in place of butter on the grounds that it is more healthy, but this is usually a mistaken assumption. Margarines containing hydrogenated oils (or trans fats) are particularly bad for your health, and even the better quality products still contain many artificial ingredients needed to make them look ‘buttery.’ Conversely, butter, eaten in moderation, contains substantial quantities of vitamins A, C, E and K, which are all conducive to maximizing our wellbeing. Of course, we all know that consuming large amounts of fat is not good for anyone but, when eaten in moderation, and to add to the flavor of healthy vegetarian recipes, a little butter is not a bad thing.

Photo: Ken Tam

Green Beans with Almonds

Yield 4
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes


1 1/2 pounds trimmed fresh green beans
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
sea salt
1/4 cup toasted, slivered almonds
1 tablespoon butter


Boil green beans, covered and in 1 inch water, for 5 minutes. Drain beans and return pan to the stove. Add butter and oil to the pan and toss the beans in the pan. Sprinkle with salt and place in serving bowl. Garnish with toasted slivered almonds.

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